8 Step Process

SOUTH EAST FINANCIAL SERVICES are a professional financial broker based in the South East.

We maintain the highest standards, constantly studying the market to deliver expert advice that makes a real difference to the lives of our clients. As we take account of the majority of providers we can benchmark and compare to what’s available elsewhere in the market.

Our services include the following:

In all cases we outline your options and the pros and cons of different choices so you can make fully informed decisions.

We aim to develop a long-term relationship with you based upon openness and transparency. Our expertise empowers you to take appropriate action with your pensions, investments and financial protection. You will have the security, knowledge and peace of mind that financial options have been explained and you have a clear strategy for your financial future.

We have listed our simple step by step process below.

1. Current Financial Position

As part of our work with you, we gain a full understanding of your current financial position. This starts with understanding your family situation, your work and all aspects of your financial life so that we are clear about the starting point.

2. Financial Objectives
We help you to clearly identify financial objectives and goals in the short, medium and long term. Our advice process is rigorous and we may highlight important issues to you that you have yet to consider.
3.Your Attitude to Risk
We help you to understand your attitude to investment risk. We explain about the trade off you must make between return and safety allowing you to make informed decisions and be more confident about your investment portfolio.
4. Financial Plan & Recommendations
Having assessed your situation, goals and attitudes, we then make recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals. Our plan will be delivered to you plain English. We aim to recommend solutions that will help you manage your wealth better, protect yourself and your family against unforeseen events and achieve your retirement goals.
5. We Research and Negotiate with Product Providers
Once you decide to proceed with our recommendations and if a financial product is required, we research the market to identify the best product to meet your needs, ensuring that you receive the best terms possible. As part of this we consider important factors such as:

  • Product Features & Benefits
  • Product Cost
  • Choice & Suitability of Funds
  • Investment Performance Record
  • Provider Financial Strength
  • Underwriting Requirements
  • Claims Payment Record
  • Customer Service Capability
6. We Implement the Solutions
We then explain the full process to get the financial product in place and help you complete the paperwork and we help you complete the underwriting process with the minimum of fuss.
7. Scheduled Reviews
We then agree a review schedule with you to address any changes in your circumstances. As part of this review, we will update your financial objectives and address any changes to your personal or financial situation. We will review any solutions put in place to ensure they are achieving the required results and suggest changes that may be needed to reflect changes in your requirements.
8. Ongoing Service
Discipline is crucial to success with financial plans; many people lose more by cashing in early or at the wrong time. We are always on hand to explain what is going on in financial markets and give you advice. This helps deliver long term value in your financial planning and investments. The regular review and monitoring of financial plans is crucial to ensuring success.